Facts About Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana’s history is a long and turbulent one that spans over six millenniums. The drug has beaten all odds and achieved significant milestones in its march to gain popularity as a powerful and effective medicine. Also, attitudes about marijuana have rapidly shifted for the better. In this post, we are going to focus on specific facts about this drug.

People support marijuana more than they oppose it

Majority of Americans and Canadians say that marijuana should be legalized for medicinal purposes. These opinions were far much different in 1969 when the survey was first conducted by Gallup. At the time, only a handful of people wanted it legalized. This significant shift was mainly influenced by the current reports by scientists that confirm the medical benefits of marijuana.

Marijuana was first labeled a medicine in China

Many research books and online sites repeatedly indicate that Sheng Nung, an emperor in Chine, made the first reference to medical marijuana in his herbal treatise 4,000 years ago. According to scientists, marijuana was indeed used by the Chinese before civilization for therapies.

Marijuana is illegal in most countries

Most countries still consider medical cannabis illegal regardless of its intended use. In US, the Drug Administration and Enforcement Department still keeps marijuana illegal in the country. However, the federal government has softened rules to make it easier to grow the plant for medical research. In Canada, medical marijuana is legal. However, the user must register his or her medication documents with a dealer authorized by MMPR. Before you consider medical marijuana as a treatment alternative, check with the relevant authorities to avoid trouble.

There are several black markets for medical marijuana

Due to the stringent rules imposed against marijuana in most countries, it is more difficult for medicinal cannabis to appear in the open market. As a result, many black markets have sprouted up. In US alone, over $18 billion come from the black market every year. This could be a good source of revenue for the state governments if the drug was legal.

Some patients face life or death situations. Unfortunately, they are locked up by the system in such a way that they cannot access the right medicines for their illnesses. For instance, patients suffering from seizures are willing to spend a fortune to control their condition. Most of them resort to black market for their medicinal needs, which are found in cannabis.

For now, many sick people will continue to suffer in most countries because they cannot legally access the drugs that work for them. Scientists have already proved that marijuana can safely control cancer, epilepsy, depression, pain and many other ailments, yet the authorities are still apprehensive about the drug.

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