Naturopathic Medicine: The Missing Link in Cancer Treatment

Most people assume that a clinical approach is the only effective way to fight cancer and believe that a naturopath has no place in a cancer treatment plan. However, naturopathic medicine has an important role to play in cancer treatment.

Incorporating alternative cancer treatment alongside conventional treatment often produces better results than conventional therapies alone. This type of holistic approach gives cancer patients a higher chance of beating the disease, reduces symptoms and calms the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

How Does Naturopathic Medicine Help Cancer Patients?

When a person has cancer, their body becomes a battle ground. Conventional medicine is the army that comes in to kill the cancer cells, which are the bad guys. This approach is highly effective for ridding the body of cancer, but it leaves a lot of collateral damage in its wake. The body’s own cells are exhausted, weakened and killed along with the cancer cells.

Naturopathic and alternative cancer treatments are the auxiliary forces that come in to clean up the mess left behind by the invading army. These treatments focus on renewing and regenerating healthy cells to restore the patient’s strength and energy so they can continue to fight their disease.

Which Naturopathic Treatments are Effective for Cancer Patients?

The most effective naturopathic treatments vary depending on each individual patient’s needs. Herbal supplements are commonly used to combat symptoms that accompany cancer and cancer treatments, such as nausea, headache and loss of appetite. Acupuncture, massage and chiropractic care are used to help the body heal and regenerate. Vitamin and mineral supplements are used to replenish vital nutrients, aid the immune system and boost energy.

Are Naturopathic Treatments Safe?

The term “naturopathic medicine” may bring to mind an image of witch doctors and strange concoctions brewed from odd plants and parts of animals. However, modern naturopathic treatments are safe for patients of all ages. Therapies and supplements used in naturopathic medicine have been clinically tested for safety and effectiveness.

Naturopathic treatment plans are tailored to each patient, which means that no patient is ever pushed farther than he or she can handle. The patient’s other conditions, such as allergies and food intolerances, are always taken into account when prescribing herbs and supplements.

How Does a Cancer Patient Find a Qualified Naturopath?

The best way for a patient to get in touch with a naturopath is to ask his or her oncologist for a recommendation. Choose a naturopath who is certified by a recognized naturopathic accrediting agency, and be wary of individuals pretending to be naturopathic doctors without any certification. Scammers can rob patients of their money, health and lives by dispensing dangerous supplements and performing harmful treatments. Visit Sean Ceaser Naturopathic Physcian for additional information.

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