Emerging Trends in Funeral Homes Services

About two generations ago, what was common was the traditional funeral that basically covered visitation, the funeral service, and the final service by the graveside at the cemetery. This was the expectation of everyone. But today, there has been a marked shift in terms of the types of services available from funeral homes.

1. Arranging Funerals Online

It was unthinkable, just a decade ago, to consider price shopping for caskets following the death of a family member, let alone arranging the entire funeral services through the Internet. Online funeral arrangement is gaining prominence and it is expected to continue growing as families come to realize the convenience and considerable cost savings. From creating a portal for death messaging to designing a head stone, everything can now be accomplished online, ushering in big changes in how burials and funeral services are conducted.

2. Popularity of Green Funerals

Going green in terms of funeral service can be termed as a natural consequence of the eco-consciousness being witnessed globally. Consumer values and lifestyles, whether philosophical, spiritual, environmental, or conservation-oriented are being reflected in attitudes toward services and products in the market today. These are greatly affecting decision-making processes today. Attitudes towards death and funerals are not any different.

Depending on the preferences of individual families, a green funeral may include some of the following: a small, controlled gathering done in a natural setting, carpooling, organic food, organically grown local flowers, use of recycled paper products, zero embalming or embalming done using formaldehyde-free products, and sustainable biodegradable materials such as the casket and shroud/clothing. Also not permitted are the traditional standing headstones; instead, trees, plants or flat rocks serve as the grave markers.

3. Cremation Upsurge

Besides mausoleum entombment and earth burial, cremation is another way of laying loved one to rest. The preference for cremation is rising fast and as the popularity has grown, so has the acceptance among the general population and across the different religious faiths.

Cremation does not, however, preclude a funeral homes visitation or service. This can still be done prior to cremation of the body. Alternatively, many are opting to hold a memorial service after the cremation process.

4. Growing Funeral Homes Competition

For years, funeral homes have been used to pricing or marking up their funeral products and services way too high largely due to lack of competition. Today, this is a thriving business sector with players developing innovative products and services to meet emerging customer demands. The result is that the consumer is getting better deals and more variety. For example, currently, Canada has, according to the Funeral Service Association of Canada, in excess of 1,500 funeral homes.


By and large, the face of funerals has changed dramatically and so has funeral related products and services. The funeral arrangements being performed today are quite elaborate and taxing for a bereaved family and that is where the funeral homes are stepping in to take off the burden by offering professional funeral services. A good source of information is the Aftercare Cremation & Burial Service website, which has more insights and resources available online.

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