What to Do Before Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery

When the doctor schedules a bariatric treatment, such as lap band surgery, there are certain steps to take in advance of the big day. Patients need to adjust their diet, get the right foods, and make arrangements to have someone help out at home afterwards.

Liver Reduction Diet
The doctor will almost certainly prescribe a special diet for those about to undergo a weight loss surgery. This has two main objectives. Sticking to a diet and maintaining the same weight or even losing some weight shows the doctor that the patient is serious about getting healthy. Plus, a special liquid diet may also be used to help reduce the patient’s liver. During either gastric sleeve or lap band surgery, the surgeon must work around the liver in order to get to the stomach. The process is easier when the liver is reduced in size.

Buy Foods for the Post-Operative Diet
Patients should also stock up on foods for after the weight loss surgery. The doctor will provide a list of foods that patients can and can’t eat after their surgery. Right afterwards, most patients will be on a liquid diet, including skim milk and sugar-free popsicles. With time, the doctor will allow more foods, dependent on the type of surgery. Those with a gastric balloon can usually eat a healthy normal diet, including bread, but in smaller amounts. Those with a gastric sleeve usually cannot eat fats or simple carbohydrates without it making them ill.

Make Post-Operative Arrangements
After the surgery most people don’t feel up to doing much around the house. They’ll need time to heal fully and will have trouble getting out of bed or bending over. It’s important to have someone at home who is willing to act as caregiver during recovery. If there isn’t anyone able to stay with the patient, relatives or friends may be willing to come over a few times a day to check up on the patient and help out. Barring this option, patients may need to hire an in-home care nurse for those first few days at home.

Learn as Much as Possible
Read everything available about the particular procedure that is being done. It’s good to have an idea of what will be required before the surgery and what patients go through after the surgery. Patients should know that these surgeries are not cures. They still have to take on new habits and change their diets to keep the weight off.

Getting a bariatric procedure is the first step on a weight loss journey. Don’t overlook what happens before that surgery. Those preparations are vital to a successful outcome.

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