Changing Our Picture of Health

Janet Knox, CEO, Annapolis Valley Health

Last year, our Leadership Forum at Annapolis Valley Health viewed a new video from our Tri-District Population Health Working Group called Changing Our Picture of Health. The video challenges us to redefine, rebuild andreconnect our views on health and our contributions to helping people be healthy and stay healthy. The stories shared within the video have something for each of us, regardless of our role, in how we contribute to health in our community.

Working within a district health authority, our purpose and goals are focused on health in the broadest sense. Our work is to contribute to the mission of AVH – working together to improve and promote the health of individuals, families and communities. Together we will achieve our vision of healthy people, caring communities and valued healthcare teams and partners. We all have the potential to make a significant contribution to health in the community we serve.

Our work is broad and the needs of our community are great. The task is daunting sometimes. What I loved about the video is that they use real stories to show us what redefining, rebuilding and reconnecting looks like and how we can all start progress today.

A place to begin is considering the way in which we support patients and clients and their families; consider how we engage in the relationship with the people we serve.  Are we focused on enhancing health and well-being? Are we helping individuals and families to be as healthy as they can be?

A powerful way to instruct and to encourage is to role model what we believe. As an organization, we need to understand that our actions are powerful indicators of what we value. It is encouraging to hear the success stories of our many programs and the positive impacts for the people served. It is also encouraging to see so many within AVH helping to create a culture of health and a supportive and safe work environment within our organization. It is important to share these stories and learn from each other.

There are more than 2700 of us at AVH. We have the opportunity to change our picture of health for ourselves, our families, the people we serve and this community. This work takes a conscious focus and a willingness to learn new approaches and skills.  For my part, I am committed to working with all of you to ensure our organization is healthy as we continue our journey.

I am committed to working with all of you as we implement the government’s plan for health as outlined in Better Care Sooner. At AVH this means creating better access to interdisciplinary primary health teams, better supports for seniors and meeting the newly developed emergency services standards. Within AVH, we have made injury prevention a top priority.

We are successfully building our capacity and ability to change the picture of health in our community. It will take all of us working and learning together to change the picture of health in our community. I believe this is important work.

What will be your contribution?

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